40M Diving Waterproof Case for iPhone

by Turning GEAR
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High quality material and closing system ensures full protection.  They can be used to hold cell phones when you are swimming or diving.  Great for: Camping, boating, fishing, tubing, swimming, or any other water sport.  Max 40m Waterproof Depth --- you can picture or capture the beauty under the water.   Plastic/ABS Material --- This kind of material can make our product lighter and the plastic sheeting is more operable.  IPX8 --- IPX8 is the highest grade of the waterproof grade standard. Your phone still can work under the water 40m. 5 colors (Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red) for your option.
Package Included

1 x Waterproof Case

1 x Strap

More Info
The touch screen doesn't work under the water because the water pressure is on it!
Please check the diving shell before using!
Test method: put the paper towel into the diving shell, press tight both sides and lock the security lock. 
Put the waterproof case into the water to test for 5-10 minutes.
Be sure to test the waterproof shell first before diving under 3 meters water.
Method: Lock the waterproof case empty without the cell phone and take it under 3 meters water , press all 4 entities button and stay at least 3 minutes.
Pay attention to see if the waterproof function works properly to avoid accidents.
Test Instructions  
  • Be sure to test the waterproof case before using the phone. 
  • When using, to set the volume button to take pictures, turn on the flight mode, turn off the flash, and set the phone for never lock screen. 
  • The first step to disassemble the waterproof shell is to press down the security lock button on the bottom, then pull the security lock. 
  • After put the phone into case , open the release bolts to clean the inside air before lock up the case. 
  • Finally, lock the waterproof shell and tighten the bolts. 
  • After use, please soaking and flushing the case with fresh water to prevent corrosion by residual water